Perspectives and Expectations of Parents about the Educational Service of the Cibv in the Cantons of Otavalo and Cayambe

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General objective To analyze the perspectives and expectations of parents about the educational service received by children from indigenous communities of the CIBV in the cantons of Otavalo and Cayambe, based on the systematization of the results of the research thesis to make proposals for improvement. Justification As part of the rescheduling, an adjustment has been made to the topic that was previously proposed: The Good Living Children's Centers based on the analysis of the degree work of the Bilingual Intercultural Education Career, which has changed to: Perspectives and expectations of parents of family on the educational service of the CIBV in the cantons of Otavalo and Cayambe, so that it is more explicit and coherent with the nature of the investigation.
Effective start/end date3/07/173/07/18


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