Optimal Switching of Transmission Lines in Electric Power Systems in the Event of Contingencies

  • Carrion Galarza, Diego Francisco (PI)
  • Guascal Reinoso, Alex Mauricio (Student)
  • Masache Almeida, Paul Andres (Student)
  • Mosquera Velasquez, Fabricio Ismael (Student)
  • Paillacho Calupiña, John Jairo (Student)
  • Palacios Carrera, Jose Luis (Student)
  • Pilatasig Lasluisa, Jaime Vinicio (Student)
  • Pinzón Masache, Stanislao Ronaldo (Student)
  • Portero Calderon, Rodney Patricio (Student)
  • Rodriguez Azacata, Guillermo Alexander (Student)
  • Santiana Chavez, Diego Ricardo (Student)


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Business & Economics