Optimal Reconfiguration of Power Flows in Electrical Transmission Systems

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General objective Develop a model for the optimal reconfiguration of power flows in electrical transmission systems Justification The electrical power systems (EPS) in their transmission stage need to have requirements that provide security and reliability to the supply in the system, the electrical transmission network is exposed to faults that can be the origin of massive power outages, for this reason it is necessary to locate the fault in a transmission line to act quickly in the repair of the affected components, seeking to reduce the time of interruption of the service, which improves the reliability of the energy system. Congestion of the electrical transmission networks It is due to the flaw in terms of SEP operation planning and the lack of OPF-AC management algorithms, and with the existence of congestion in the transmission networks, the losses in the SEPs increase. Based on the aforementioned background It is essential to generate a model to redirect power flows optimally subject to restrictions on reactive power and losses. electrical.
Effective start/end date22/01/1822/01/18


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