Needs and Expectations of Young People in a Situation of Vulnerability in the South of Quito in Relation to their Social and Labor Inclusion

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General objective Know the needs and expectations of young people in relation to social and labor inclusion. Justification identify as precisely as possible the expectations they have in order to access adequate education, avoiding exclusion and achieving adequate social and labor inclusion, all of this depends on how the different risks and problems that are identified are assessed and treated to stop exclusion. TESPA will use the information in a potential way to improve technical training offers based on the expectations of young people, thus achieving the development of attitudinal and aptitude competencies that help them to adequately face the labor market and the social environment. , achieving in them a positive change in themselves with a process of self-realization that results in greater social inclusion, greater interest in the work culture, giving them a sense of responsibility.
Effective start/end date2/01/172/01/17


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