Motivational Factors and Entrepreneurial Competences that Influence the Generation of Dynamic Entrepreneurship

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General objective Determine if the achievement motivation drives the entrepreneur to create and develop dynamic ventures, and what are the most relevant entrepreneurial skills that stand out in them, as an input for the development of a proposal for the development of entrepreneurial skills from the university. Justification The identification of the main entrepreneurial skills that influence the generation of dynamic ventures, may serve as an input for the subsequent creation of a pedagogical model to be implemented in the University that would allow not only to promote the generation of new opportunity businesses with dynamic potential, reducing the generation of subsistence enterprises, which are the ones that currently have the greatest incidence in the country; but also to empower intrapreneurs, internal employees with great initiative who develop new projects and create enormous value for a company.
Effective start/end date29/09/1329/09/14


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