Migration Action in Chile and Ecuador Ucshups in the Framework of the Interinstitutional Cooperation Framework Agreement

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General objective Develop a research-action project, attached to the inter-institutional cooperation framework agreement between the Silva Henríquez Catholic University (UCSH) and the Salesian Polytechnic University (UPS), aimed at understanding the current panorama of the migratory phenomenon in Chile and Ecuador and its main characteristics from a psychosocial and community perspective between October 2018 and September 2019. Justification It is necessary to know the different perspectives on the migratory reality and the responses both internationally, as well as in the Latin American and Caribbean region and at the local level in Chile and Ecuador, attending to at least three of the actors involved in this phenomenon: the society of origin, the destination society and the migrants (immigrants and emigrants). Today, the representation of migration as an external threat continues to be very present, both in the field of public order, security, the labor market and identity. And also, the other representation associated with marginality and poverty, with immigrants being seen as victims and objects of charity. Both see migration as a problem (De Lucas, 2004). For this reason, we seek to analyze the new demands of migration in Chile and Ecuador, based on public policy and the current situation on human mobility, which allow us to recognize the effective or non-exercise of human rights related to the free mobility of people. , with the aim of rethinking the categories and approaches to the study of migration, considering its various forms and experiences. This will allow the development of a sustained reflection among academics from the Salesian universities of Chile and Ecuador in the field of psychosocial study of migrations, in an attempt to articulate local and regional debates with a view to future international work with the IUS Network.
Effective start/end date10/01/1910/01/19


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