Media Observatory

  • Villagomez Rodriguez, Patricia Sofia (PI)
  • Arevalo Galarraga, Darla Yarithza (Student)
  • Coloma Pinto, Jorge Luis (Student)
  • Luna Herrera, Raquel Esthela (Student)
  • Morales Enriquez, Kathy Lorena (Student)
  • Ramirez Paguay, Emilia Lucia (Student)
  • Ruiz Teran, Ana Estefania (Student)
  • Romero Guayasamin, Pablo Efrain (Col)
  • Valbuena Bedoya, Orfa Nelly (Col)

Project Details


General objective Implement a media observatory in the Social Communication career based on the design of a methodological proposal for media observation for news genres. Justification The media observatories are spaces to study the activities carried out by the media, for which information collection, monitoring, analysis and dissemination activities are carried out. This activity enriches the educational activity of the students and the exercise of citizenship. “Given the importance acquired by the media, multiple projects dedicated to thinking about and discussing the life, characteristics and effects of these paradigmatic institutions of Modernity have been developed.” (Paláu & Larrosa, 2014, p. 1), one of those institutions is the media. The observatories explore, identify, systematize and analyze the media they cover, making a detailed study of the reality that is reflected through analysis content and discourse critics. Line of researchCitizen exercise surveillance of the media in interculturality and gender a. Research Index Index and Indicators Collection Speech Analysis on the topics discussed in interpretation b. Dissemination Scientific article c. Training Transfer of methodology for media observatory Training proposal for the generation of other observation spaces linked to social groups.
Effective start/end date28/02/1828/02/20


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