Intelligent System for the Dissemination and Distribution of Content on Social Networks Using Process Automation Using Robots Based on Rpa Software Robotic Process Automation

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General objective Develop a computer system based on artificial intelligence and RPA techniques to systematize and automate the dissemination and distribution of content on social networks of the processes carried out in the Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Justification Within the institutional POA of the Salesian Polytechnic University, it is established that the research ecosystem must be strengthened through different actions and tasks, among them we identify: Promote innovation, entrepreneurship, pertinence, relevance and contribution in the projects of the research ecosystem. of solutions to local and national development problems as well as strengthening the monitoring, management and evaluation of knowledge produced in research, innovation and entrepreneurship, through the CREAMINKA2 system. Based on this, social networks are a point to carry out these activities since they allow promoting and strengthening the monitoring of the different research projects with the collection, processing and analysis of the information that is available in the social networks of the different project participants and research groups to improve the metrics of the CREAMINKA2 system. On the other hand, within the strategic objective G.2. Strengthen the organizational communication of the UPS, depending on the recipients, relevant communication products must be implemented in a timely manner for each internal or external recipient, for this the impact of communication products must be evaluated and communication products relevant to each must be implemented in a timely manner. each internal or external recipient, for which one of the most used means of communication today are social networks through the different communication channels, starting from the fact that the University and each of the research groups manage several social networks, it is important to have a system that allows managing the communication of content within them to improve the dissemination of the activities carried out by those involved (stakeholder) of the projects and research groups. Therefore, it seeks to provide support in the dissemination and distribution of content in social networks to the different s Research groups, individuals and those involved in the activities they carry out, for example, the publication of scientific articles, the signing of cooperation agreements, research projects, news, etc., through the incorporation of ICTs based on intelligent processes and automated by means of software-based robots that allow improving the processes of diffusion and/or distribution of multimedia content in the different groups, profiles and accounts. These tools and contents, being free, can be used in an agile and simple way by each of the research groups in order to improve communication processes and links with the community.
Effective start/end date27/05/21 → …


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