Intelligent Monitoring of the Condition of Rotating Machinery Through the Fusion of Audio Signals Acoustic Emission Vibration and Current

  • Sanchez Loja, Rene Vinicio (PI)
  • Cajas Muñoz, Franco David (CoI)
  • Chingal Imaicela, David Esteban (CoI)
  • Li, Chuan (CoI)
  • Lucero Otorongo, Pablo Moises (CoI)
  • Macancela Poveda, Jean Carlo (CoI)
  • Pacheco Cordova, Edison Eugenio (CoI)
  • Pacheco Montilla, Fannia Karolina (CoI)
  • Perez Rivera, Ivan Andres (CoI)
  • Quinteros Espinoza, Maria Eugenia (CoI)
  • Siguencia Urgiles, Julio Fernando (CoI)
  • Torres Diaz, Cristian Paul (CoI)
  • De Oliveira, Jose Valente (CoI)
  • Vásquez, Rafael (CoI)
  • Calle Lazo, Ana Karla (Student)
  • Llivicura Orellana, Holger Florencio (Student)
  • Lojano Armijos, Francisco Jose (Student)
  • Montalvan Pulla, Felipe Israel (Student)
  • Ortega Lucero, Luis Renato (Student)
  • Vacacela Costa, Andres Segundo (Student)
  • Cabrera Mendieta, Diego Roman (Col)
  • Cerrada Lozada, Mariela (Col)
  • Guaman Buestan, Adriana Del Pilar (Col)
  • Llerena Pizarro, Omar Rosendo (Col)
  • Villacis Marin, Mauricio Leonardo (Col)

Project Details


General objective Intelligent monitoring of the condition of rotating machinery by merging audio, acoustic emission, vibration and current signals. Justification GIDTEC has successfully developed the projects listed below:1. “Diagnosis of gear failures based on the analysis of vibration signals using artificial intelligence and/or statistical techniques”2. Diagnosis and evaluation of the severity of faults in rotating machines based on the analysis of condition monitoring signals using data mining techniques3. Diagnosis of reciprocating pump and compressor failures by analyzing condition monitoring signals using machine learning techniques4. Analysis and definition of strategies and scenarios for the development of industrial maintenance systems aimed at energy efficiency and friendly to the environment in the city of Cuenca5. Detection of faults through vibration signals from dryers one and twoWith the development of these projects, publications have been achieved in very important magazines and now the project "Joint laboratory development and research demonstration of intelligent manufacturing condition monitoring between China and Ecuador" has been achieved between the Chongqing Technology and Business University and the UPS, where an amount of 73,953.55 USD has been obtained for equipment and training trips. With respect to teaching, the students benefit because the students receive classes with teachers who they teach classes in areas where they are highly up-to-date. Regarding the link with society, this project can be applied to both local and national industries.
Effective start/end date17/01/1917/01/22


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