Integration of Knowledge of the Disciplines of the Initial Education Careers Basic Education

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General objective Integrate knowledge in a transdisciplinary way through methodological strategies that contribute to overcoming disciplinary forms of teaching and learning Justification The students and teachers who have been training and being trained in the new proposal are in the third semester and at each level they must answer a question that has a core problem. For this, each of the subjects must pay taxes to answer these questions and solve the problem. The challenge in each semester consists of how to integrate, through a project, the knowledge and thus really answer the questions of each level. Until now, projects have been carried out that integrate knowledge, meetings are held between teachers, but it is unknown if the students really integrate the knowledge, if they approach the problems in an interdisciplinary way, and if the basic concepts of the disciplines, being absent from the project, limit in understanding the problems. The problem occurs because it is not possible to articulate knowledge in an interdisciplinary way, generating that each teacher dictates the class without taking into account the contents of the other disciplines. If interdisciplinary work is achieved, the beneficiaries of the project would be the students, who would have a comprehensive education; and, teachers because they would work interdisciplinary and cooperatively.
Effective start/end date22/01/1822/01/18


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