Influence of Technical Training in Good Milking Practices Consequences on the Microbiological Quality of Raw Bovine Milk Working with Organized Rural Producers in Ecuador

  • Contero Callay, Rocio Elizabeth (PI)
  • Alba Nepas, Jessica Maribel (Student)
  • Andrade Suarez, Kevin Mauricio (Student)
  • Cisneros Ortiz, Sharom Gabriela (Student)
  • Cumbajin Moromenacho, Jonathan David (Student)
  • Quilumbaquin Lechon, Darwin Samyr (Student)
  • Quimbiulco Cabascango, Lenin Eduardo (Student)
  • Rodriguez Narvaez, Margarita Sofia (Student)
  • Wampash Paati, Ayaip Tatiana (Student)


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Agriculture & Biology