Inertial Markets as a Solution to Frequency Stability in Distribution Networks with High Penetration of Distributed Generation

  • Aguila Tellez, Alexander (PI)
  • De La Cruz Aquieta, Alex Santiago (Student)
  • Guañuna Guasgua, Luis David (Student)
  • Marcial Medina, Rodrigo Santiago (Student)
  • Rodriguez Cardenas, Angel Oswaldo (Student)
  • Rosero Rosero, Edison Alexander (Student)
  • Vargas Bedon, Julio Cesar (Student)
  • Ortiz Matos, Leony (Col)

Project Details


General objective Design a new model of electrical generation dispatch for Microgrids through heuristic optimization techniques that consider the cost of reliability for frequency stability.
Effective start/end date13/03/1913/03/19


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