Food Gender and Culture the Cultural and Economic Importance of the Lupine Chocho Processing and Marketing Networks in Quito

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General objective Explain how informal lupine processing and marketing networks empower women and sustain less hierarchical and more inclusive forms of economic and social organization. Justification This project is proposed for the following three reasons: a) in scientific terms, it is essential to promote in Latin America the analysis of food webs due to their cultural and economic importance and due to the recent appropriations that states have made of these forms of social and economic organization (Murdoch, 2000); b) it is necessary to know the economic importance of lupine for the farmers who produce and process it (Martinez, 2015); c) We need to generate knowledge to be able to write a chapter of a book on lupine, which will be published by the Springer publishing house.
Effective start/end date23/01/1723/01/17


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