Falling in love Sociohistorical Construction of Gender Violence in Sentimental Relationships of White Mestizo and Indigenous Youth

  • Cuesta Ormaza, German Humberto (PI)

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General objective Interpret the discourse of gender violence in the space of falling in love with white-mestizo and indigenous youth and their socio-historical construction from the staging of rights and integrity as social actors. Justification The staging of the construction of the discourse of violence and aggression within falling in love in white-mestizo and indigenous youth reveals the way in which the category of falling in love allows the construction and repetition of forms of social aggression that violate the rights and integrity of young people. This provides guidelines for future academic research regarding the youth category and violence in spaces of personal interrelation, as well as guidance for the formulation of policies and programs for youth in Ecuador.
Effective start/end date26/09/1326/09/14


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