Expansion of the Electric Transmission System Based on Optimal Planning of Ac Power Flows

  • Carrion Galarza, Diego Francisco (PI)
  • Achig Santamaria, Pablo Andres (Student)
  • Angamarca Guaman, Marjorie Alexandra (Student)
  • Ayala Criollo, Cristian Mauricio (Student)
  • Benavides Larreina, Francisco Patricio (Student)
  • Escudero Delgado, Pablo Vinicio (Student)
  • Fuentes Alquinga, Edwin Xavier (Student)
  • Perez Cruz, David Alberto (Student)
  • Quilumba Collaguazo, Robinson (Student)
  • Quishpe Ushiña, Franklin Geovanny (Student)
  • Sanchez Cabascango, Alex Javier (Student)
  • Yanez Yanez, Cristian Estuardo (Student)
  • Orizondo Martinez, Rogelio Alfredo (Col)

Project Details


General objective Identify AC power flows based on optimal operation of electrical protections of the power transmission system
Effective start/end date3/01/173/01/17


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