Educational Content Recommender Systems for Children with Disabilities and Communication and Language Disorders

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General objective Develop and implement a system for the automatic collection of educational content for people with specific support needs, disabilities or functional diversity. Justification Today, various special education and rehabilitation centers such as the Cerebral Palsy Institute of Azuay, the CIMA Foundation and the Special Education Unit of Azuay carry out important work in favor of the development and improvement of children and young people with disabilities. However, the lack of resources, trained personnel and adequate technological tools makes the work of specialists and educators a very complex task, since they must carry out various activities such as: Preparation of intervention plans Provide support in diagnosis and accompaniment to families Execution of intervention plansPersonalized monitoring of each patientDesign and generation of reports and reportsFor this reason, this proposal seeks to provide support with educational content for the various activities carried out by speech therapists, psychologists, special education professionals, etc. , through the incorporation of ICTs based on intelligent processes and tools that allow improving teaching and/or learning processes in patients with various types of disabilities. These tools and contents, being free, can be used in an agile and simple way in non-profit special education institutions and centers.
Effective start/end date5/04/185/04/20


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