Edition and Publication of Didactic Material for the Subjects of Artificial Intelligence Ii and Calculus of a Variable

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General objective Edit and publish didactic material related to the subjects of Artificial Intelligence II and Calculus of a Variable. Justification Most of the books on the subject of pattern recognition algorithms focus on the presentation of formal, complicated and difficult mathematics, and present little or much space for exercises and autonomous student work. There are many libraries with ready-made implementations of these algorithms, and many programmers treat them as "black boxes", ignoring the underlying mathematics and processes almost completely and using the libraries practically "by trial and error", concentrating only on the practical part. The text to be published aims to fill the gap between these two extremes. On the other hand, virtuality in educational processes through online modality is increasingly frequent by virtue of allowing learning that synchronizes time vs. content at the pace of the learners. Going a little ahead of that future, creating options that allow the student that flexibility is pertinent, especially when it is observed that traditional methods fail to solve the problem of high failure rates in this type of subject.
Effective start/end date2/04/182/04/18


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