Dynamic Compensation and Volt Var Control in Electrical Distribution Networks with Distributed Resources

  • Aguila Tellez, Alexander (PI)
  • Ayala Arciniegas, Nelson Andres (Student)
  • Condor Piarpuezan, Juan Braulio (Student)
  • Gonzalez Samueza, Diego Luis (Student)
  • Gutierrez Serna, Gonzalo Manuel (Student)
  • Parreño Ponce, Francisco Javier (Student)
  • Ulloa De Souza, Adrian Gonzalo (Student)
  • Viracocha Chicaiza, Marcela Lucia (Student)

Project Details


General objective Carry out dynamic compensation and VOLT - VAR control in distribution networks with distributed resources, to increase the efficiency and quality of electrical energy.
Effective start/end date2/04/182/04/18


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