Development of the Methodology for the Collection and Assessment of So2 Concentrations in the Ambient Air in the Industrial Park Sector and in the Highest Traffic Areas in the City of Cuenca

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General objective IMPLEMENT THE METHODOLOGY FOR THE COLLECTION AND ASSESSMENT OF SO2 CONCENTRATIONS FROM AMBIENT AIR IN THE INDUSTRIAL PARK SECTOR AND IN AREAS WITH THE HIGHEST TRAFFIC IN THE CITY OF CUENCA. Justification By means of the sophisticated equipment (ion chromatograph, System Milli-Q) that the Salesian Polytechnic University has today, it allows us to develop and implement the analytical procedure for the analysis of SO2, this procedure has not been developed in any basin laboratory, asserts the company EMOV, which is in charge of air quality control in the city, the aforementioned analytical march is a necessary tool to know the concentrations of SO2 in our city, for this analysis we take the industrial park as a reference, since it is the largest fixed source of emissions in the city, we have considered its study pertinent, finally analyzing the direction of the winds we will be able to deduce the dispersion and condition that exists in the industrial park and in the areas where the pollutants are dispersed.
Effective start/end date26/09/1326/09/14


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