Development of Robotic Exoskeleton Controlled by Surface Myoelectric Sinais and Inertial Sensors

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General objective This Research Project aimed to develop a robotic exoskeleton commanded by surface myoelectric signals (sEMG) and information from sensors proprioceptive. Specifically, it intends to develop an active exoskeleton lower limb monoarticulate. As additional tasks, it will be integrated inertial sensor ao system developed and serao developed and validated methods of quantification,: year that we allow or monitoring of the rehabilitation,: year of the movement of Username. As a result of this research, wait-you get wait-you get a Robotic exoskeleton that controls the human joint movement in different phases of human walking, adapting to different joint impedances during the support and oscillation. Além disso, or exoskeleton will have to adapt--to Situations of fatigue and progress in the short and long term of rehabilitation patient.
Effective start/end date1/03/151/03/19


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