Development of Control Techniques for Electronic Power Systems for the Emulation of Wind Profiles in Variable Operating Conditions

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General objective The general objective is the assembly of a wind generation emulation platform that allows evaluating different control strategies to be used to maximize the use of wind energy generation. These characteristics place this project in the Technical-Educational framework. Justification Today there is a great interest on the part of the Ministry of Electric Energy in increasing the use of alternative energy sources and especially wind energy, having an interest in new professionals from Ecuador being trained in the area and that in the future they can be multipliers of this knowledge. In this sense, there is a framework agreement signed between UPS and INER where both institutions support the linking of researchers within the framework of Prometheus to continue researching in the area in the generation of knowledge and training of Ecuadorian professionals in the study, management and operation of wind generation systems.
Effective start/end date1/10/131/10/14


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