Development of Algorithms for Roughness Prediction in Concave and Convex Machining for Martensitic Steels M201 M238 and M303 without Heat Treatment

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General objective Develop algorithms for roughness prediction in concave and convex machining for martensitic steels M201 M238 and M303 without heat treatment Justification The research group, within its lines to develop, is the improvement of industrial processes in SMEs, with the proposed research it will be possible to generate adequate technical information with technology, materials and tools in force in the country so that the manufacturing industry and service providers inputs can deliver quality products at an adequate cost. In the academic part, the experimental process will be strengthened with the proper use of Mechanical Engineering laboratories, in the generation of tests and data collection by a selected group of students who are in the process of graduating. Taking into account the aforementioned, the properties and machining strategies for concave and convex surfaces will be analyzed in a range of martensitic steels from the local industry, these are M201, M238 and M303 without heat treatment to determine a statistical model that will allow the generation of an algorithm. to predict the value of the final roughness with the manipulation of machining variables.
Effective start/end date5/03/205/03/22


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