Determination of the Optimal Model for Control and Operation of Electrical Distribution Substations Using Automation Techniques in Electrical Power Systems

  • Pavon Vallejos, Wilson David (PI)
  • Calderon Hidrobo, Daniel Esteban (Student)
  • Freire Salazar, Santiago Alexander (Student)
  • Leon Jacome, Marcelo Hector (Student)
  • Lopez Velasquez, Darwin Baltazar (Student)
  • Montalvan Sarzosa, Luis Rogelio (Student)

Project Details


General objective Determine the optimal model for control and operation of electrical distribution substations, using automation techniques in electrical power systems Justification Nowadays, energy is the most important factor for development of any country. The electrical energy contributes directly in the development of productive activities and is one of the main factors in any country economy. Additionally, the electrical energy allows the comfortable life of the citizens. The country development level is based on the degree of industrialization, and this qualification needs energy sources, especially electrical energy. Energy that allow to effectively moved and makes possible the operation of the production industry. The distribution automation (DA) implemented in distribution systems, around the world, have reached immediately and significantly improve the reliability and therefore improving the energy to the costumers. Thus, the objective of the project is to find a model which can reduce the costs of maintaining and operation, and reducing the outages.
Effective start/end date22/01/1822/01/20


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