Design and Implementation of Prototypes and Virtual Environments Aimed at People with Disabilities Based on Models of Social Inclusion

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General objective Implement prototypes aimed at people with disabilities, integrating the use of information and communication technologies with virtual environments to support the needs and limitations of users Justification At present, the drawbacks of integration, inclusion and access to technological learning, as well as social inequalities, generate great problems, in terms of possibilities of realization among the members of societies. With the development of this technology, different advantages have arisen. and applications, such as jobs within the industrial environment for the maintenance and assembly of equipment and some other applications in both educational and health fields, referring to the fact that virtual reality allows training in dangerous situations, allows a thorough examination of facts and processes, model testing, simulation of an action pattern. These technologies have revolutionized industrial care with their adoption in virtual training of surgeons for difficult surgeries, 3D operating room simulations, mental health treatment and chronic pain. The research work is based on implementing virtual reality, using the necessary mechanisms to have an optimal environment and working on the design of prototypes created to serve as support for its rehabilitation, use and easy affordability, improving the daily life of people with permanent disabilities. or transient.
Effective start/end date11/06/2011/06/22


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