Compositional and Microbiological Quality of Raw Bovine Milk in the Ecuadorian Sierra

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General objective Determine the quality of raw milk in two agroclimatic zones of the Ecuadorian Sierra and in two seasons of the year, through validated methods, for information and reference of the livestock sector Justification The new constitution of Ecuador contemplates several changes in the path of the development of the agricultural sector to which we are called to join as institutions of higher education and pose ourselves the challenge of responding through academic and investigative proposals of excellence, this project aims to consolidate rights such such as "safe and permanent access to healthy, sufficient and nutritious food preferably produced locally" (Political Constitution of Ecuador), since the determination of the compositional and hygienic quality of milk allows us to know the type of food that we are producing and consuming.
Effective start/end date20/12/1320/12/14


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