Climate Balance Factor between the Carbon Footprint of the Quito Metropolitan District and the Carbon Capture in its Large Sinks Call 2015

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General objective Obtain a balance factor between the carbon footprint of the Metropolitan District of Quito and carbon sequestration in its large sinks Justification On the one hand, if the WHO3 proposes a minimum of 9m2 of green areas per inhabitant, and on the other, if Quito has 20.4m2, even so, the Ecuadorian capital is below other large Latin American cities, such as Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. , with 58 square meters, Sao Paulo with 54.7, and Curitiba with 51.5, Mexico City with 28.4 or Santiago with 26.1. Despite these data, it is not known whether the amount of trees and soil in forests and parks is sufficient to balance the amount of GHG gases emitted.
Effective start/end date1/10/151/10/16


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