Christian Accompaniment to the Teachers of the Salesian Polytechnic University in Quito, a Salesian Reading Facing the Challenges of Today's World

  • Saenz Amaguaya, Mónica Cecilia (PI)
  • Arias Romo, Angel Santiago (Student)
  • Bravo Zambrano, Jefferson Oswaldo (Student)
  • Caizatoa Guamba, Robinson David (Student)
  • Calero Tixe, Ernesto Fabian (Student)
  • Cargua Ramos, Pablo Martin (Student)
  • Cusco Sanchez, Jhon Carlos (Student)
  • De La Cruz Aquieta, Alex Santiago (Student)
  • Del Pozo Ayala, Eduardo Javier (Student)
  • Diaz Garcia, Cristian Marcelo (Student)
  • Enriquez Rivera, Jefferson Israel (Student)
  • Freire Salazar, Santiago Alexander (Student)
  • Ganan Gainza, Andres Sebastian (Student)
  • Garzon Andrade, Juan Andres (Student)
  • Guañuna Guasgua, Luis David (Student)
  • Guañuna Tuquerres, Galo Vinicio (Student)
  • Herrera Gonzalez, Juan Sebastian (Student)
  • Jurado Carrera, Steisy Shavieth (Student)
  • Molina Bautista, Carlos Augusto (Student)
  • Monta Guatapi, Alex Santiago (Student)
  • Naranjo Landeta, Daniel Alexander (Student)
  • Onofre Muñoz, Pablo Andres (Student)
  • Ortiz Guerrero, Junior Gixson (Student)
  • Peñafiel Toledo, David Roberto (Student)
  • Peñafiel Vizuete, Hermes Andres (Student)
  • Pilatasig Minchala, Edgar Stalin (Student)
  • Pillajo Garcia, Edison Gerardo (Student)
  • Pizarro Macas, Jonathan Levinton (Student)
  • Quinchimbla Lluglluna, Bayron Geovanni (Student)
  • Quiroz Rodriguez, Alexander Felipe (Student)
  • Quishpe Freire, Jorge Eduardo (Student)
  • Sarango Aguirre, Jose Luis (Student)
  • Sisa Sandoval, Henry David (Student)
  • Tituaña Flores, Jhonny Dario (Student)
  • Tituaña Quijia, David Isaias (Student)
  • Valencia Tuqueres, Cesar Rene (Student)
  • Vargas Tipan, Wilson Patricio (Student)
  • Vega Uchupanta, Luis Hernan (Student)
  • Viteri Garzon, Jairo Andres (Student)
  • Coronado Nunez, Gladys Carmita (Col)
  • Lopez Navarrete, Jose Patricio (Col)
  • Quishpe Gaibor, Jeverson Santiago (Col)

Project Details


General objective Strengthen the accompaniment to the Salesian teachers of the Quito Headquarters, through the publication of a scientific article that allows the elaboration of a proposal. Justification Through this project it is intended to know the shortcomings that have not allowed to achieve a greater commitment to Salesianity in a way that is reflected with the students; propagate a greater relationship with the Salesian Institutions worldwide (IUS), recognize the official documents of the Catholic Universities issued by the Holy See. Propose a training project with a Salesian charism, which becomes the basis even for the categorization of teachers.
Effective start/end date22/01/1822/01/18


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