Characterization of the Natural Regeneration of the Forest of the Kutukú Research Station Sevilla Don Bosco Parish Macas Canton

  • Jumbo Salazar, Carlos Alberto (PI)
  • Paucar Estévez, Maritza Amelia (Student)
  • Valdivieso Mantilla, Cristina Gissela (Student)

Project Details


General objective Determine the dynamics of the forest of the Kutukú Biological Station, through natural regeneration as a contribution to Amazonian ecosystems. Justification All this with the purpose that the characterization of natural regeneration will allow determining the dynamics of the forest and the identification of plant species and their functions, present in 10ha of land. Knowledge of the existing biodiversity will guarantee the generation of scientific information for the development of proposals, strategies for proper forest management and its conservation, thus responding to the main causes of forest degradation at the Kutukú Biological Station.
Effective start/end date15/06/1615/06/17


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