Characterization of Nanoparticles and Design of a Microfluidic System for an Electrospray Station

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General objective Characterize nanoparticles and design a microfluidic system for an Electrospray station Justification In summary, the project is justified for the following reasons:  The characterization of nanoparticles will allow us to examine the morphology of the nanoparticle deposit, determine the size and size variability and the exact chemical composition of the nanoparticles.  The use of nanoparticles has applications in several industries such as medicine, information technology, energy and environment, food and nutrition, and textiles, however further studies will be aimed at applications with supercapacitors and humidity sensors.  The design of a microfluidic system for nanoparticle dispersions will allow later implement an Electrospray system. Electrospray is a technique for the controlled deposit of nanoparticles.  Opening and promotion of research in the multidisciplinary area of ​​Nanotechnology and project collaboration with other courses and/or UPS locations is sought.
Effective start/end date29/06/21 → …


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