Bioremediation of Arsenic in Water and Soil Through the Use of Microrganisms and Plants in Toacaso Cotopaxi

  • Huachi Espin, Laura Elizabeth (PI)
  • Imbago Pulamarin, Cinthya Vanessa (Student)
  • Jimenez Reascos, Erik Gabriel (Student)
  • Oña Lugmaña, Evelyn Andrea (Student)
  • Paucar Hidalgo, Diana Estefania (Student)
  • Ramos Collaguazo, Bryan Alexander (Student)
  • Villavicencio Herrera, Erika Alexandra (Student)
  • Beltran Gallardo, Nelson Janss (Col)

Project Details


General objective Evaluate the efficiency of bioremediation of soil and water contaminated with arsenic using plants and microorganisms in the community of Toacaso, Cotopaxi
Effective start/end date22/01/1822/01/18


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