Articulations between Radio Interculturality and Educommunication

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General objective Generate an analysis that enables the articulation of radio, intercultural, community and educommunicative content through communicative interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity. Justification Interdisciplinary communication, educommunication and interculturality find a place on the radio through new spaces of edu-entertainment, art and narrative that allow the development of innovative proposals in the field of radio work. Parallel to assuming an articulation between radio, educommunication and interculturality, create conditions to establish new theories and delineate a flexible and creative radio structure stimulate innovation in a society of emerging sonorities. According to what has been said, the radio allows greater participation that, together with educommunication, known as media literacy, enables the integration of the teaching of the media and its impact as an educational agent, which transcends a process of emi-reception.
Effective start/end date16/08/1816/08/20


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