Anthropological and Documentary Research on Obstetric Violence during Childbirth in the Metropolitan District of Quito

  • Ochoa Pilco, Daniela Soledad (PI)
  • Carrera Jácome, Jorge Luis (Student)
  • Carrillo Arciniega, Nataly Carolina (Student)
  • Fajardo Brito, Diana Fernanda (Student)
  • Pineda Arias, Natalia Isabel (Student)
  • Rosales Quintana, Jessica Cumanda (Student)
  • Eguiguren Eguiguren, Maria Amparo (Col)
  • Lasso Alvear, David Gustavo (Col)

Project Details


General objective Unveil how the violence of the patriarchal and capitalist system affects women and their bodies at the time of childbirth through anthropological and documentary research.
Effective start/end date28/02/1828/02/18


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