And yet Moves Linguistic and Identity Mobilities and Territorialities of Quichua and its Speakers

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General objective Explain the dynamics of mobility and territoriality of the Quichua language and its speakers in the central and northern highlands of Ecuador Justification The project aims to investigate the mobility and territoriality of Quichua and its speakers in different spaces and areas. It is a necessary work in order to understand the new social, cultural and linguistic dynamics that indigenous peoples and mainly Quichua speakers have been facing for a few decades, and especially in the contemporary moment. The usefulness of such an investigation is related to the need to have information that allows the implementation of new forms of linguistic and cultural revitalization. The study, although interdisciplinary, is carried out from the anthropological approach and as part of the Cultural Studies Research Group . An inquiry of this nature is essential to understand the processes of cultural and identity change related to language.
Effective start/end date22/01/1822/01/22


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