Analysis of the Needs of Technical and Artisan Training of Young People from 15 to 18 Years in the South of Quito

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General objective Determine the training needs of personnel at a technical and craft level in companies located in the South of the city of Quito Justification The project is fully justified because it constitutes a contribution for the inclusion of adolescents and young people living on the streets, since based on the results obtained, TESPA will be able to carry out strategic plans that respond to the new socioeconomic reality of the south of the city. of Quito, the same one that is characterized by having a strong business dynamic at all levels. In addition, the collection of this information will serve to know the new trends according to which companies are organized and therefore their new demands for training at the artisanal and technical level.
Effective start/end date23/01/1723/01/17


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