Analysis of Reception Techniques in Massive Mime

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General objective Make a comparison between the different techniques that can be implemented in reception of a Massive MIMO system Justification Recently, massive MIMO emerges as a promising technique to significantly improve spectral efficiency for next-generation or 5G wireless communication systems. It has been defined that when the number of base station antennas is increased to infinity, some reception techniques achieve optimal performance, however it is clear that the number of base station antennas cannot be unlimited. For this reason, an analysis of the different reception techniques that can be applied in this technology, as well as the corresponding restrictions to be established, is necessary. So, which of the techniques that could be used is the best option? This research will allow to compare various reception techniques in Massive MIMO, allowing to have a better criterion when selecting and implementing this technology.
Effective start/end date4/01/164/01/17


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