Analysis of Meteorological Data Solar Radiation and Heavy Rain with Data from Ground and Satellite Stations

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General objective Determination of the behavior of solar radiation: its effects on the skin and interrelationships with solar activity, and study of intense precipitation from the perspective of complex systems and continuous phase transitions. Justification On the other hand, intense rains and their unpredictable behavior cause millions in losses every year, either due to their absence through droughts and desertification, or due to their presence, in which case there are floods with the corresponding losses in different production sectors. : such as agriculture, tourism, construction, infrastructure, among others. This extreme event in particular is one of the most unpredictable (Palacios and Serrano, 2010), since extreme events are difficult to model for numerical models. However, there are new study proposals based on the theories of complex systems and continuous phase transitions (Serrano and Basile, 2012), (Peters and Neelin, 2006). These new theoretical frameworks could make it feasible to improve our understanding of these intense phenomena and in the near future to improve our capacity and preparation for them.
Effective start/end date1/10/131/10/14


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