Analysis of Indicators and Proposal for Improvements in Job Satisfaction of University Professors in the Context of Rsu

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General objective Determine the degree of job satisfaction of the teachers of the UPS Cuenca in the period 2013-2014 through the correlation analysis of the variables, to improve their performance and ensure quality in education. Justification Considering the teaching area as a fundamental pillar of the RSU, it has been considered convenient to carry out this research, because it is transcendental to investigate the variables of job satisfaction, the level of compliance with these indicators, the degree of satisfaction that university teachers have and perform proposals to improve the satisfaction of teachers, because as it is applied in all companies, human talent is the heart of organizations and even more so in the University where teachers are responsible for training and guiding future professionals, without neglecting the structure and scientific and technological equipment of the Universities, since these would be of no use without a teaching staff that loves what they do.
Effective start/end date2/10/132/10/14


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