Analysis and Simulation of Nonlinear Effects in the Physical Layer of a New Generation Optical Network

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General objective ...Analyze and simulate the non-linear effects in the physical layer of a new generation PON network. Justification There are effects that cause losses in transmission power in PON optical networks, such as attenuation, noise and distortion, which affect the communication process in the physical layer, but in fiber optics there are non-linear effects that cause losses. of power caused: by the non-linear effect of dispersion (scattering); and also the effects that affect transmissions with WDM modulation caused by the Kerr effect. It is important to analyze these non-linear phenomena because they will affect the communications response in the link and network layers of the new generation PON network. Additionally, the project is justified by corresponding to the master's thesis of the main researcher of the project (Ing. Luis Oñate), this is a guarantee of quality in the research to be developed. On the other hand, the studies will serve as a contribution to the research project of the doctoral thesis of the MSC. German Arevalo. Showing that the UPS develops projects at the Postgraduate level where doctoral research theses supported by master's theses are concatenated and that they should promote undergraduate thesis topics as part of a project of greater scope and scope.
Effective start/end date1/01/141/01/14


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