Analysis and Design of Maturity Models to Measure Digital Transformation and Implementation of a Digital Transformation Observatory

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General objective Analyze the Digital Transformation (TD) Maturity models and Develop a Web platform for the Digital Transformation Observatory in order to generate popular publications on different TD measurements carried out in different institutions, starting with the UPS as an initial evaluation. Justification TD is a process of change that a company must undertake to adapt to the digital world, combining technology, its knowledge and some traditional processes, in order to differentiate itself and be more efficient, competitive, and profitable. In the same sense, one of the elements that support the DT is connectivity, which must be evaluated based on the indicators established by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), this will allow providing relevant information to continue with the next step that is to measure the level of development of the TD or adaptation to the digitization of a company. For this, it is necessary to carry out an analysis of the different maturity models or capacity development models, which have been proposed by different authors or institutions and which can be considered as a reference to guide companies in making decisions in their TD process. The TD maturity model or models that are determined for different sectors require an evaluation process for their application, for which a computer system is required that allows the models to be automated for their application, therefore a Web Platform is required that accompany the process of evaluation and presentation of results. Finally, it is necessary for society to know about the results of the studies developed so that they can have information and in turn obtain feedback that allows improving the proposed DT maturity model(s) and gradually adjusting them. to our environment, one way to do it is through a Digital Transformation Observatory that does not exist in our environment and whose main objective is to collaborate with the company in its integration into the digital world by coupling it to its production processes.
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