Science and Physical Activity Sport Research Group (GICAFD)

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Organization profile

Organization profile

The fundamental objectives of the ICFACD will be:

In research, the development of specialized studies in the areas of physical activity, sport, recreation or applied sciences.

In teaching, the integration of undergraduate and graduate professors and students to research projects, as well as the formulation and promotion of graduate projects that allow the development of areas of interest of the group.

In the linkage, to transfer scientific knowledge maintaining the linkage with public institutions, organizations of society and the population in general.

Considering the current needs in relation to physical activity, sport, recreation and the use of applied sciences. The GICAFD will promote the formation of a solid faculty with great capacity for research and innovation, promoting student participation, institutional linkage and contact with the community, encouraging research work to be socialized in various congresses nationally and internationally and presented in high impact journals.