Nunkui Earth Spirit Wakan Research Group (Nunkui WAKAN)

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Organization profile

The research group called (Nunkui wakan), name taken from the Shuar language which means "Spirit of the Earth", was formed in July 2015 gathering research teachers from the Salesian Polytechnic University of Ecuador in Quito. The members are involved in studies related to biodiversity, environment and knowledge of the native peoples of Ecuador.

On the other hand, Ecuador is home to 10% of the plant species and 8% of the animal species of the entire planet, this offers us a wide range of options for research. The first settlers who arrived in this region 13,000 years ago, initiated the process for the knowledge of the use of resources, this information has been accumulated and transmitted through generations in the native populations; our group intends to continue with this work and starting from the traditional knowledge we want to develop new applications to the products of nature, especially those elements that improve the quality of life of the human being.


Dr. Marco Fernando Cerna, Ph.D.


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